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A Setswana core vocabulary list obtained from preschoolers during school activities

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posted on 2023-02-02, 11:10 authored by Morwesi MogatusiMorwesi Mogatusi, Kerstin TönsingKerstin Tönsing, Refilwe E. Morwane

This core vocabulary list reflects the results of a study that was conducted to determine a Setswana core vocabulary list  of Grade R Setswana-speaking learners during school activities. 

Language samples of six preschool children from three different schools were collected through recordings during regular school activities. Body worn audio recording devices were used to record the spontaneous speech of these preschool children and was then transcribed, coded and analyzed. 

An analysis was conducted on the number of different words used, how frequently used the words were and how commonly used the words were among the participants. The data was analyzed through the use of Microsoft Excel™. A total of 249 Setswana core words were established.


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