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A summary of translated Setswana hare folktales, behavioural themes and the conceptual assumption emerged from analysis

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posted on 2023-07-13, 14:46 authored by Thapelo BoyaThapelo Boya

This dataset reflects the Setswana hare folktales translated to English in the form of short summaries collected for the study. The study was conducted on the behaviour of hare characters as potrayed in the folktales and the potential implication that the folktales could have on children. The behaviour of hare characters were analysed and 16 behavioural themes emerged. The behavioural themes mirror the real-life behaviour commonly associated with the social crisis of moral degeneration in contemporary South Africa. Therefore, a conceptual framework assumption which informed the study is included in the dataset, using theories to demonstrate the potential impact of Setswana hare folktales in perpetuating children to mimic the hare's behaviour. Thus perpetuating the issue of moral degeneration in society.



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