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Age dependent computerized rotational head impulse test (crHIT)

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posted on 2023-04-19, 13:14 authored by Mangelique du PlessisMangelique du Plessis, Barbara Heinze, Alexander Kiderman, Jorge Gonzales, Tarryn Reddy

This dataset determines the normative Vestibulo–ocular reflex (VOR) gain output values of the computerized rotational head impulse test (crHIT) with stationary visual targets (earthbound) in healthy participants. Participants were recruited using  convenience sampling and assessed with the crHIT using stationary targets. 

The data consist of the folowing sheets:

Sheet one: demographics of the participant population 

Sheet two: correlation coefficient between test, age and gender

Sheet three: Linear regression analysis 

Sheet four: crHITgain output combined for leftward and rightward rotation

Sheet five: 95% Confidence interval



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