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Analysis of network performance when confirmed traffic is present in Long Range Wide Area Networks (LoRaWANs)

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posted on 2023-02-17, 14:05 authored by Jaco MaraisJaco Marais, Gerhardus HanckeGerhardus Hancke, Adnan Abu Mahfouz

Quantitative data of figures and graphing scripts from the thesis titled 'Developing a congestion management scheme to reduce the impact of congestion in mixed traffic LoRaWANs'. The files contain the processed output of simulations conducted with a modified version of the ns-3 plugin lorawan. Processed simulation output was Pandas dataframes stored in text files. 

Software used: ns-3 (version 3.30), Jupyter notebooks, Python with packages sem, pandas, seaborn, modified version of lorawan module from signetlabdei.

Python scripts refer to Std and Ex, std refers to the standard LoRaWAN module and Ex refers to the Extended version of the module with the algorithms presented in the thesis. Text files contain a legend at the top of all of the fields present in the dataframe.


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