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Anatomical measurements of formalin-fixed human brains

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posted on 2023-06-13, 13:07 authored by Nicole van HeerdenNicole van Heerden, Gerda Venter, Lané PriggeLané Prigge

The dataset includes the quantitative data collected and results from statistical analyses conducted, for a research study on the anatomical investigation of the interthalamic adhesion in formalin-fixed adult human brains at the University of Pretoria. The sample was dissected and data collected from photographs of the region of interest analysed with ImageJ, a scientific image analysis application. Statistical analysis was conducted using the application SPSS. The data collected included prevalence, shape, location within the third ventricle, superior-inferior length, anterior-posterior length and surface area of the interthalamic adhesion, as well as surface area of the third ventricle. 



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