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Loskop,Irene and Roodeplaat Farms, tree density,fires,plant diversity and vegetation indices.xlsx (19.55 kB)

Assessing the impact of fire on tree density and plant diversity in Loskop, Irene, and Roodeplaat farms

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posted on 2023-03-02, 07:50 authored by Modibe RachamoseModibe Rachamose, Abel Ramoelo

The dataset displays random GPS coordinates as sampling points where data on tree density and plant diversity was collected. The in-situ data (tree density and plant diversity) was collected by the Agricultural Research Council (ARC) – Range and Forage Sciences research team. The sampling points were selected based on normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) values determined before data collection, and areas that had statistically similar NDVI values were excluded when placing the transect lines for data collection. Data for both tree density and plant diversity was obtained using the same transect line for each sample point. This data was gathered during the wet season of October 2018 and March 2019 and the dry season is from April to September 2019. The sampling points were different in quantity among the three farms studied, Loskop had 41, Irene had 26 and Roodeplaat had 22 due to logistical challenges and the farm sizes. These were the same sampling points used to collect satellite data. Both active fire data and burned data were sampled within a threshold of these sampling points.By excluding the areas of similar NDVI values, the data collected was more representative of the range of vegetation conditions within the study area, rather than being dominated by a single condition. The datasets also contains vegetation indices(NDVI, Soil -adjusted vegetation index (SAVI), Atmospherically resistant vegetation index (ARVI), Enhanced vegetation index (EVI),Green chlorophyll index (GCI), and Structure-independent pigment index (SIPI) calculated from Landsat 8 OLI including spectral bands(NIR, BLUE, RED, GREEN and SWIR1) used for the calculation of impirical models.


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