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G.F. Pereira - MSc Pharmacology - MDT vs IntraSite pilot study - Data Recording Spreadsheets.xlsx (32.37 kB)

Assessment of the efficacy of maggot debridement therapy and intrasite gel in the debridement of chronic, septic, wounds in ten adult patients over a 22-day period

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posted on 2024-06-28, 11:17 authored by Gabriella Ferreira PereiraGabriella Ferreira Pereira

This dataset presents findings from a pilot study aimed at evaluating the efficacy of maggot debridement therapy (MDT) to autolytic debridement using IntrasiteTM Gel in the treatment of chronic, septic wounds in 10 adult patients over a 22 day treatment period. The study included 5 patients receiving IntrasiteTM Gel and 5 patients receiving MDT, with all participants undergoing treatment for 22 days. Data was recorded until the patient reached complete debridement or until the 22 day period ended, whichever came first. The data provided includes the parameters assessed during the study period, which included: the development of healthy granulation tissue, reduction of slough and necrotic tissue, reduction of malodour, wound size measurements, time to achieve debridement, percentage of wound debridement achieved. The above mentioned data was recorded every 2-3 days for each patient, using a modified Bates Jensen Wound Assessment Tool. Pain scores reported on a 10-point Likert scale, and acceptability of MDT and approximate costs per patient in South African rands (ZAR) over the 22-day treatment period were calculated.




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