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Augmentative and alternative communication training programs and their impact on teachers working in schools for learners with special education needs

posted on 2023-01-20, 09:16 authored by Bathobile NgcoboBathobile Ngcobo

The following dataset is in twofold:

Firstly, an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) training experiment conducted in South Africa.

Secondly, published articles of AAC training programs for teachers in special schools internationally. The dataset speaks directly to the training of teachers working with learners with complex communication needs using AAC intervention programs. The experiment was conducted amongst teachers in South Africa and the changes were observed by analysing the mean and standard deviation. The published articles were analysed using their descriptive information e.g authors, place of publication and aim of the study. Furthermore, the pushlished articles were analysed using the population, intervention (training) and outcomes (PIO) format. 



Centre for Augmentative and Alternative Communication