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Supplementary Data Maake MM_MSc Dissertation 2022_ The diversity of Bradyrhizobium and Mesorhizobium strains associated with root nodules of selected indigenous SA legumes.pdf (13.98 MB)
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Bradyrhizobium and mesorhizobium strains in indigenous South African legumes

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posted on 2022-07-13, 12:04 authored by Mabodiba MaakeMabodiba Maake

Supplementary tables of bradyrhizobium and mesorhizobium strain information regarding host, source, country of isolation, accession numbers, and references used for construction of both housekeeping and symbiotic gene phylogenies. Supplementary figures include a maximum likelihood of phylogeny of a multi locus sequence analysis (MLSA) phylogeny constructed in RAXML including all type strains as well Genisteae associated bradyrhizobium strains, as well as nodA and nifH maximum likelihood phylogenies of mesorhizobium and bradyrhizobium strains. The nodA and nifH  aligned nucleotide dataset was converted into haplotypes using the DNASP6 programme, translated into amino acid data which was used to construct ML phylogenies in RAXML. The symbiotic loci phylogenegies where used to evaluate the evolutionary histories of our strains as well as any host or phylogeographic patterns.


National Research Foundation (NRF) Grant-SN Venter



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