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Cell proliferation and cell death for cervical and non-cervical cancer cells

posted on 2022-06-28, 13:19 authored by Harshini MehtaHarshini Mehta

Apoptosis detection and xCELLigence Real Time Cellular Analysis data for HeLa and CaSki cervical cancer cells and control Vero kidney cells. 

Data included is for Untreated cells, cells treated with siRBBP6 only, cells treated with Cisplatin for 24 and 48 hr., and cells co-treated with siRBBP6 and Cisplatin for 24 and 48 hr. in each cell type.  For the fcs files (apoptosis detection data), Kaluza software by Beckman Coulter was employed and  for the plt files (xCELLigence data), RTCA software was used.


National Research Foundation (NRF), Grant UID 113980

South African Medical Research Council (A1A979)



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