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Climate change adaptation: the threat of an Individual's emotions

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posted on 2022-12-08, 13:58 authored by Catherine DixonCatherine Dixon

As an literature based study, this study has focused on collecting and examining various literature found by way of a few selected keywords relevant to the topic and research question considered. Following the review of the preliminary and the selected literature, it was concluded that the debate is failing to incorporate a few key concepts such as ‘adaptation,’ the ‘security-dilemma,’ ‘threat perception,’ ‘the individual’ andfear.’ Concepts which this study argues are important variables to be considered in understanding the CCN, climate security and national security.This study’s focus was on the qualitative integration and discussion of existing literature available in order to create or suggest new and additional pathways for better understanding what has already been said.

Dataset A - comprises of tables and charts which illustrate the literature focus areas, years of publication as well as favoured journals and publications. Note, however, that these datasets are not presented within the study. Thus, these numerical representations provided in Dataset A where simply used for personal reference and organisation. 

Dataset B - climate change adaptation and individual fear is then translated into a threat to global security by using an existing five factor qualitative expression. By applying this expression, climate security as a security issue, is operationalised through threats originating from adaptation, which is connected to human emotion and specifically fear and anxiety.

Formula below is applied to imagined scenarios which illustrate a hypothetical numerical value of future global security: 

SI = RO x T

T= PtS x d x Pwpl*px xPrbD=(SP)A

SI = T x RO where the SI = Climate Security, T = Climate Change adaptation and Individual fear, and RO = Global Security.



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