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Clinical and hematologic features of experimental pathogenic theileriosis in roan calves (Hippotragus equinus)

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posted on 2021-05-17, 06:55 authored by Sarah CliftSarah Clift, JCA Steyl, Emma HooijbergEmma Hooijberg

Piroplasm count

Sheets: piroplasm 2 piroplasm 3

p2pers = period 2 percentage red blood cells containing piroplasms

p3pers = period 3 percentage red blood cells containing piroplasms

p4pers = = period 4 percentage red blood cells containing piroplasms

Machine count data:

sheets: machine 1 & machine 2

WBC, Hemoglobin concentration, PCV

Lymphocyte and atypical mononuclear leucocyte (L/AML) size relative to schizont infection

Sheet L & AML counts for size

Data on which table (3.)2 is based. medium and large cells are grouped into big.

Differential leucocyte counts

sheet: Haematlogy

Data used to calculate table (3.)1.

Table 3.1. Effect of experimental Theileria sp. (sable) infection on manual 200 cell differential leucocyte counts (%), lymphocyte and atypical mononuclear leucocyte (L/AML)

Temperatures for experimental animals

sheet :temperature

Data containing the temperatures to draw Figure 3.6 (in thesis) and Figure 2 in the paper.

Progression of Theileria sp. (sable) infection in eight experimentally infected roan calves (Hippotragus equinus). Solid lines indicate average rectal temperatures.



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