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Cochlear Spiral Reference Framework (CSRF) v0.1

Version 3 2020-08-20, 13:28
Version 2 2020-07-10, 07:37
Version 1 2020-07-07, 09:58
posted on 2020-08-20, 13:28 authored by Rene BaronRene Baron, Tania HanekomTania Hanekom
The Cochlear Spiral Reference Framework (CSRF) is a set of coefficients for 6th order polynomial equations to describe the cochlear spirals that are relevant to the construction of three-dimensional person-specific computational models of the cochlea. The polynomials provide references for each of the lateral, medial, superior, inferior, superolateral, inferolateral, medial spiral lamina and lateral spiral lamina spirals for as well as a set of predictor polynomials from which spirals that are obscured on low-resolution clinical images may be derived.

The files ReconSummary_?.xls are the reconstruction polynomials for obscured spirals according to taxonomical class (roller coaster = R, intermediate = I, sloping = S) and for the pooled = P data.

The file MeanSpirals.xls contains the polynomial description for the cochlear spirals according to the three classes and for the pooled datasets.



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