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Conceptual Python 3 model to simulate a parallel coupled microturbine using off-the-shelf turbochargers

posted on 2023-06-27, 06:56 authored by Andries van der MerweAndries van der Merwe, Willem le Roux

This Python 3 conceptual model simulates a parallel coupled microturbine at 87 kPa using off-the-shelf turbochargers with LPG gas. The model imports the digitized compressor and turbine maps in CSV format and converts it into matrices by using transfinite interpolation to represent the compressor maps through a refined mesh. The model finds the compressor efficiency and RPM with the mass flow rate and pressure ratio as an input. The mathematical model iterates through a range of pressure ratios to find the corresponding operating point by adhering to the first law of thermodynamics and ensuring that the compressor power is equals to the gas turbine's power. The mathematical model has 4 different simulations to simulate an unrecuperated isobaric system, recuperated isobaric system, an unrecuperated model but with pressure losses in the combustion chamber and lastly, a recuperated model with pressure losses in both the combustion chamber and in the recuperator. The results are represented visually in figures to show the relation between the turbochargers operational range and the power output/efficieny.



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