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Cultural adaptation of the parent's evaluation of developmental status for a low-income community in South Africa

posted on 2023-03-13, 11:12 authored by Mignon BotesMignon Botes

A triangulation mixed-method design was followed in the overarching research project. With this design, both qualitative and quantitative data were collected simultaneously. The quantitative data from the questionnaires and the qualitative data from the focus groups, collected in a low-income community, allowed for convergence and increased credibility of the findings. A modified Delphi method that incorporated the knowledge of experts in the field of early development, together with qualitative and quantitative data, was subsequently used to culturally adapt the parents evaluation develolmental status (PEDS) tools for a low-income South African population. 

The quantitative data, collected through questionnaires in a low-income community and a modified delphi method with experts, is represented in an excel document. The results of the different phases of data collection is represented though tables and figures in a word document. This study used an original method to successfully culturally adapt PEDS tools for a low-income community in South Africa, creating the PEDS tools-SA.



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