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Deladenus siricidicola genes involved in parasitism and host immunomodulation

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posted on 2023-01-31, 10:18 authored by Zorada Swart

This dataset include the listed multiple files. 

  • Amino acid sequences of the 23 curated D. siricidicola genes potentially involved in parasitism and host immunomodulation.The files for the sequencing appear as FASTA format and can open with: plain text editor, e.g., TextEdit, or sequence alignment software, e.g., MEGAX
  • Results of local BLAST searches of 11 Steinernema carpocapsae (Sc) and 1 S. glaseri (Sg) parasitism and immunomodulation genes performed against the genome and proteome of D. siricidicola. this apear as CSV format (spreadsheets) and can open with TextEdit, MS Excel
  • List of orthogroups with the gene IDs from 17 nematode species assigned to each by the algorithm OrthoFinder. It include the file in plain text format which can open with TextEdit
  • Orthologues between the relevant species pairs, namely S. carpocapsae (SCAR) with D. siricidicola (DSIR), and S. glaseri (SGLA) with D. siricidicola.this is in CSV format and can open with TextEdit, MS Excel
  • Results of  hmmsearch function of D. siricidicola genes using a serine protease and serine protease inhibitor (serpin) hidden Markov model, respectively in plain text format and can open with TextEdit
  • Results of comparing the 23 curated D. siricidicola parasitism/host immunomodulation genes with the InterPro database:TSV format and open with: TextEdit, MS Excel.


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