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Eco-driving optimisation

posted on 2022-09-27, 11:31 authored by Nevin GeorgeNevin George

These datasets consist of two excel files: The first file is the FEDEO algorithm where in the 1st column of data uses the time intervals. The 2nd column is route elevation in meters, and then the elevation of the route profile is in the 3rd column given as meters. This data is critical for obtaining the optimal speed trajectory for the journey by calculating the lowest energy usage for measurement between optimisation points on the route profile. More data can be added based on the distance and elevation changes of the route section.  

The second file gives the stations on the route to which the optimisation algorithm must be applied to. It is critical to give the distance point of the station as well as the names in 2 columns. More stations can be added based on the distance that the train travels. The sequence of distance points should be measured in kilometers and called into the main code or algorithm. 


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