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Effect of extraction solvents on methane production

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posted on 2023-09-05, 13:25 authored by Taofik IbrahimTaofik Ibrahim

The datasets consist of plant extracts yield of Aloe vera, Jarthropha curcas, Moringa oleifera and Piper betle. The methane mitigating potential of the plant extracts were also tested on in vitro gas production study using Eragrotis curvula hay as a substrate. Later the plant extracts were selected and encapsulated for further in vitro test to evaluate the efficacy of plant extracts in a cocktail form. Also, the particle density of the alginate-encapsulated extracts were determined as well as the morphological features of the encapsulated extract. The associations between the methane reduction and plant metabolites were also shown using the principal component component analysis and correlation analysis. Finally, the treatment products were evaluated on farm animals to investigate their effects on performance of South African Merino lamb.



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