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Egg production weights trial

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posted on 2023-01-30, 12:35 authored by Petrus EngelbrechtPetrus Engelbrecht

Dataset containing the results of trial conducted in an effort to determine the effects of long-term inclusion of the trace minerals: zinc, copper, and manganese in the feed on the egg production, egg shell quality, and internal egg quality of Lohmann lite laying hens. This trial compared minerals sourced from chelated hydroxy-analogues of methionine, with conventional sulphide and oxide salt sources of the same minerals. 

The production parameters that were measured during the trial included egg production, total feed intake, feed conversion ratio, and hen mortality. Egg shell quality was quantified by recording the total amount of eggs rejected per category, egg shell weight, egg weight, and the egg shell breaking strength. Internal egg quality was quantified by measuring the albumin height (Haugh unit), and the mineral concentration in the egg yolk of Zn, Cu and Mn. A total of 1080 Lohmann Brown Lite laying hens were allocated to six treatments. The trial was run for 60 weeks, was initiated at 16 weeks-of-age, and was terminated at 76 weeks-of-age. Each treatment was repeated eighteen times, and a complete randomised block design was used.  



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