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Electrochemical characterisation for layered double hydroxide materials synthesized using electrodeposition method

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posted on 2022-12-14, 09:48 authored by Gift RutaviGift Rutavi

The presentation starts with the justification of the study by illustrating the challenges caused by fossil fuels. This is followed by showing the advantages of supercapacitors and the chosen electrode materials which are layered double hydroxides. The data consists of measurements of electrochemical measurements of cobalt nickel-layered double hydroxide composite materials. The figure illustrates how the synthesis of the electrode materials was carried out. Several other results after the characterization of the samples are also shown throughout the presentation. A comparison of the different samples is displayed in form of figures. The Ragone plot is used to compare the performance of the electrode materials and the assembled devices with the ones reported in published work.


National Research Foundation (NRF), Grant No: 61056

South African Research Chairs Initiative (SARCHI)



Physics (Carbon Group)