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Evaluation of fermented cereal-based presumptive probiotic bacteria to mitigate the adhesion, inflammation, and cytotoxicity of intestinal epithelial (Caco-2) cells caused by diarrhoeagenic Escherichia coli from unpasteurised fresh milk samples from Mpumalanga, South Africa

posted on 2023-01-25, 14:01 authored by Wisdom AgbemavorWisdom Agbemavor

These datasets consist of the antagonistic effects of selected cereal-based presumptive probiotic bacteria against diarrhoeagenic E. coli regarding adhesion to intestinal epithelial (Caco-2) cells, inflammation, and cytotoxicity of Caco-2 cells. Additionally, they comprise the data for auto-aggregation and coaggregation between the two antagonistic bacteria as well as the direct bactericidal effects of cereal-based presumptive probiotic bacteria against diarrhoeagenic E. coli

Data files with “.xlsm” and “.psfx” extensions can simply be opened with Microsoft Excel (of Microsoft Office (365) and Graphpad prism (8), respectively. Files with .xlsm extensions were simply Microsoft Excel files that were saved as “Excel Macro-Enabled Workbooks” convenience of accessibility and navigation from the spreadsheet mostly labelled/named “Table of Contents” to other spreadsheets of interests throughout my engagement with the data. Graphpad prism, 8 (Version 8.0.2) was used to conduct a few correlation analyses between selected response/dependent variables from which a few correlation curves were plotted. The outputs of such analyses (correlation curves/plots) were copied and inserted/placed into a few Microsoft Excel spreadsheets (both in colour and in black and white).



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