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Extracted features and sensitivity study for vibrating screen isolator condition monitoring

posted on 2024-05-14, 13:33 authored by Simeon PienaarSimeon Pienaar, Stephan Heyns

These result form part of a sensitivity study where features are extracted from numerical simulations and experimental measurements. Also, modal results (natural frequencies) from an experimental modal analysis are presented. The results were useful for determining which features were most sensitive to changes in isolator stiffness.

Vibrating screen operational measurements were split into three distinct groups. First, the startup portion; secondly, the operational portion and finally the stop or coast down portion. From each portion specific features were extracted unique to that portion. For the startup and stop portions, the features were transient can were extracted from a power spectral density which related to a common time-frequency domain plot. For the operational portion the features are stationary and were extracted directly from the time domain data.

Finally, as supplementary test data and results, features were also extracted from frequency response functions (FRFs) obtained by experimental modal analysis (EMA). Using least squares complex exponential method, a synthesized FRF is fit to the experimentally obtained FRFs and the natural frequency, damping and mode shapes are extracted. Only the natural frequency data is presented as part of this dataset and it relates to the sensitivity study.



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