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Factors driving the continued use of over the top (OTT) media platforms

posted on 2021-02-03, 07:53 authored by Ralph NyarendaRalph Nyarenda

As over the top (OTT) media platforms continue to gain market share and disrupt traditional linear broadcasters, This has lead academic, business leaders and legislators to consider if conventional marketing and information system models can explain continued use intentions for OTT media platforms. While the adoption of technology is crucial to the success of an enterprise, it is continued use that determines the long term sustainability of an enterprise. Understanding the factors that drive continued use intentions of OTT media platforms is crucial for developing long-standing sustainable and loyal relationships with customers.

Video-on-demand platforms like YouTube, Showmax, Amazon and Netflix continue to disrupt traditional linear broadcasters and are continuously altering the TV and video marketplace and value chains. These OTT media platforms are altering consumer viewing trends, moving away from TV schedules prescribed and dictated by traditional broadcasters, resulting in time-shifted viewing. These changes are no longer limited to time-shifted viewing; consumers are increasingly in control of when and how they view video content, resulting in fragmented viewing patterns, significantly impacting mass media models relied on by the advertising industry.

The results of this quantitative study indicate that the proposed model for continued use explains 69 percent of the variation in continued use intentions. The findings indicate that consumers are multihoming and using multiple competing platforms, concurrently, which is inconsistent with conventional marketing and IS theory that consumers adopt and use only one competing product. Findings also indicate that the presence of a competing product impacts user continuance intentions, habit and satisfaction. However, the impact size was insignificant for intentions and satisfaction.