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Factors involved in the human trafficking process of minors and adults

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posted on 2022-07-05, 10:41 authored by Stephanie OosthuizenStephanie Oosthuizen


The dataset outlines figures, tables, and the created codebook that were used during the study. The study was titled: Individual and contextual vulnerability factors involved in the human trafficking process of minors and adults serviced By Hope Risen: a case study.


This dataset consists of figures (Figure 1 to Figure 4) that depict the research process followed in order to generate a case study on human trafficking vulnerability. Figure 5 to Figure 12 depict the results generated from the content analysis employed in the study. These figures particularly highlight the extent to which individual, contextual, and unusual vulnerability factors appeared for those who had been trafficked. Figure 13 highlights the main themes and sub themes generated from the thematic analysis applied to the three interview participants transcripts. These themes in particular focus on the complex interactions that occur between the various vulnerability factors. Lastly, Figure 14 showcases the application of Bronfenbrenner's ecological systems theory to a specific case to provides context to the complex interactions that occurred between the vulnerability factors relevant to that case.

Tables provide demographic information on the trafficked individual's whose case files were reviewed and analysed. Additionally, table 3 provides an example of the matrix used to code the information extracted from case files. This extraction was achieved by use of the code book provided within the dataset which acted as a guide to code textual information. Table 4 to table 7 provide excerpts on the process of thematically analysing all three interview transcripts. Remaining tables provide the results of the content analysis in a combined manner so that all individual, contextual, and unusual factors of each trafficked individual could be seen This was done to create vulnerability profiles for each case.




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