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Food fraud vulnerability assessment responses data for food specialists and meat consumers

posted on 2023-12-13, 08:16 authored by Vhutshilo NelwamondoVhutshilo Nelwamondo

Two groups of participants were used for this dataset, namely food specialists and meat consumers. The sample for the meat consumer were conveniently selected within a radius of twenty kilometers from Pretoria Central. Sampling participants were also on availability, accessibility, geographic proximity and willingness to participate in the study. The food specialists were selected because of their expertise in vulnerability issues of food fraud. However, the challenge was gathering data when mobility was restricted (COVID-19). Both questionnaires included close-ended and open-ended questions to get better insights from both participants and a pre-survey was done on ten meat consumers and five food specialists. Collected data was analyzed using IBM Statistical Package for Social Sciences Version 27. Data was edited, and coded. However, sampling was only done in Pretoria and excluded other metropolitan areas, and the budget was limited for techniques and data collection.



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