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Fruit flies sampled from the South African highveld and lowveld for the assessment of fruit fly assemblages and Wolbachia presence

posted on 2023-04-06, 07:21 authored by Onkgopotse SeabiOnkgopotse Seabi, Christopher WeldonChristopher Weldon, Armanda Bastos

The datasets uploaded in this collection include:

1. R script for nmds (nmds_NK_R.R) along with the csv files used (data and design).

2. Two molecular datasets for the extractions.

3. Fruit fly collection data for the highveld and the lowveld.

The project aimed to assess the viability of a Wolbachia- driven insect incompatibility technique control method as a means to aid farmers with the challenges posed by fruit flies. This was done through the completion of the following objectives:

1. Establish the species diversity of tephritid flies in two fruit producing regions of South Africa, the highveld and lowveld, based on morphological identification.

2. Assess the intraspecific genetic diversity of tephritid flies from the highveld and lowveld using a mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase 1 gene barcoding approach.

3. Determine the prevalence and diversity of Wolbachia in naturally infected tephritid species from the highveld and lowveld using PCR-sequencing and next generation sequencing.


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