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Fusarium verticillioides biofilms and extracellular vesicles

posted on 2023-01-24, 10:56 authored by Chizné PeremoreChizné Peremore, Thabiso MotaungThabiso Motaung, Quentin SantanaQuentin Santana, Emma Steenkmap

The data presented here has different categories. Chapter 1  include tables that express overview of the types of protein and secondary metabolite cargo internalized and released by EVs. The figures in chapter one  gives us an overview of the practical features of fungal EVs and timeline of key developments in EV research. In chapter 2  firstly, there are images of  Fusarium verticillioides strains that formed biofilm-like cultures and microscopic images of these biofims. Secondly, there are graphs representing F. verticillioides biofilm formation and was assessed based on metabolic activity, biomass and extracellular polymeric substances (expressed as EPS/Biomass). These were also assesed under different conditions. Lastly, an eDNA assesment was also done. In Chapter 3 the data shows that F. verticillioides planktonic and biofilm cells secrete extracellular vesicles with microscopic images as well as NTA anaysis. Microscopic images also show the pptake of biofilm extracellular vesicles (EVs) by F. verticillioides spores. 


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