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Gas chromatogaphy, liquid chromatography, and lesion measurement analysis on Fusarium circinatum infected Pinus-hybrid stem tissue

posted on 2022-06-03, 11:55 authored by Lenteli van ZylLenteli van Zyl


Datasets contain the processed GCMS (gas chromatography - mass spectrometry) and LCMS (liquid chromatography - mass spectrometry) data for analyses done on the stem tissue of Fusarium circinatum-inoculated pine hybrid trees.Pine trees of various hybrid genotypes were inoculated with pathogenic F. circinatum in order to study the trees’ production of volatile terpenes, diterpene resin acids, and phenolic compounds. Stem tissue of the inoculated trees were processed after the infection period, and analyzed using GCMS and LCMS. Raw GCMS and LCMS chromatographic data were analyzed in MassHunter (Agilent, US), significant terpenes and phenolic compounds were identified, and chromatogram base-peak area values of these compounds were used as a measure of the relative abundance/concentration of said compound. Identified compounds and their relative concentrations are thus stored in these datasets.Datasets also contain measurements of the F. circinatum­-induced lesions (in mm) as measured before stem tissue samples were taken for MS analysis.

The analyses were done as part of the experimental work for my MSc thesis, titled: Production of defensive metabolites by Pinus patula X Pinus tecunumanii hybrids in response to Fusarium circinatum infection.