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Hearing aids for children with conductive hearing loss

posted on 2022-02-14, 14:00 authored by Cheri PienaarCheri Pienaar, Talita le RouxTalita le Roux, De Wet Swanepoel

Patient data are routinely captured by the department of audiology on an electronic database. Data collected included demographic information, family income, age of diagnosis of hearing loss, age at the fitting of HAs, HA fitting information (real-ear-to-coupler difference (RECD) and aided speech intelligibility index (SII) scores for average sounds), average daily hearing aid HA use (in hours) at the one-month follow-up (data-logging), and HA functional outcome measures.

Caregivers were contacted telephonically, and the verbal consent form was read to them to determine their participation in the survey. PEACH and TEACH questionnaire results at the one month hearing aid follow up were captured by the researcher and recorded electronically.



Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology

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