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Heat transfer coefficients and dryout performance coefficients with respect to heat flux and film flow rate of uncoated and CuO nano coated commercially micro-enhanced tubes

posted on 2023-12-13, 08:34 authored by Dian DicksonDian Dickson

The data includes the tube outside surface heat transfer coefficients of uncoated as well as CuO (Copper oxide) nanocoated commercially micro-enhanced tubes. The data accommodates the Wieland tubes of GEWA-B5, GEWA-KS and the EHPII tube. A roughened tube was also included. The working boiling medium was R134a refrigerant. The heat transfer coefficients were recorded across heat flux sweeps ranging from 20 kW/m2 to 100 kW/m2, in saturation temperatures of 5°C and 25°C (only for the GEWA-KS and EHPII). Dryout tests were performed at constant heat fluxes of 20 kW/m2, 50 kW/m2 and 80 kW/m2, ranging from total wetted surfaces (0.13 kg/m/s) down to where dryout was observed.

This data does not require any software to analyze (only Microsoft Excel). This data was also experimentally obtained from the Falling Film Boiling Rig at the University of Pretoria. The data was used in a thesis as well as in articles published.


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