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Investigating the use of escape rooms for enhancing student motivation through game-based learning

posted on 2023-11-29, 13:22 authored by Ciska SnymanCiska Snyman

This dataset presents the outcomes of a master's project employing a mixed-method approach within a pragmatic paradigm, utilising an exploratory sequential mixed-method design. Focused on enhancing student motivation through a virtual escape room with a game-based learning approach, the study addresses the challenge of effectively engaging Generation Z in the context of a global pandemic and online learning.

A qualtrics survey was administered to 546 participants, and semi-structured interviews were conducted with five participants, employing purposive, voluntary, and convenience sampling. The survey data, analysed using SPSS and interview transcriptions organised in Microsoft Word, provide insights into motivating elements and experiences in the game-based virtual escape room.Combining inductive and deductive approaches, abductive reasoning was employed for data analysis. Quality criteria, ensuring research rigour and credibility, were implemented, including quantitative standards such as internal validity, external validity, reliability, and objectivity. Notably, the survey questions demonstrated reasonably good reliability, with adaptations made in instances of multiple chosen answers.

The qualitative data underwent content analysis, employing for transcription and identifying response patterns. The content analysis method looked candidly at communication through transcriptions, linking themes to the ARCS (attention, relevance, confidence and satisfaction) model and emphasising fundamental characteristics of social communication.

Ethical considerations were paramount throughout the research, strictly adhering to informed consent, voluntary participation, anonymity, pseudonyms, and confidentiality. 



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