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LCVD: Low-cost cell-extract viral diagnostics

posted on 2021-07-15, 15:14 authored by Suzanne SmithSuzanne Smith, Trudi Joubert, Kevin Land
The datasets contain measurements performed using a configurable colorimetric readout set-up for automated readout from lateral flow test strips.
The readout set-up consists of a 3D-printed enclosure device with detector module electronics contained inside, along with a mechanism into which a lateral flow test strip can be inserted. The set-up can be adjusted in x, y and z directions to allow for accurate positioning, alignment and optimization of measurements performed on both model and real lateral flow test strips. Lateral flow test strips can be analysed both without a cartridge housing or within a cartridge housing. The dataset contains the raw measurements and results of the data obtained from the generic test set-up for various configurations of test set-up and the lateral flow test strips analysed. This dataset encompasses various datasets and results obtained during my PhD entitled: Wireless colorimetric readout for resource-limited point-of-care.
The work details a hybrid printed and packaged low-cost wireless color detector device. By combining the growing fields of paper-based diagnostics and printed electronics with Southern African clinic perspectives, a scalable, low cost, paper-based solution for result readout and communication was developed.
Printed radio frequency identification devices with sensing capabilities were manufactured onto different low-cost and paper-based substrates to assess the practical
functionality of these devices. Extensive images and results pertaining to this are included in this dataset.
This work was further extended to target colour detection from lateral flow test strip devices and other typical paper-based rapid test formats. The results were compared
to those obtained from manual readout using colour charts, a commercial lateral flow test strip reader and image analysis using ImageJ.


LCVD: Low-cost Cell-extract Viral Diagnostics

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