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Learning support strategies in psychological assessments

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posted on 2023-10-31, 13:40 authored by Denise LouwDenise Louw

The purpose of this descriptive case was to explore how mediated learning strategies were used in two purposefully selected educational psychological assessments. A deductive content analysis was used to analyse data that were generated through the transcribed video recordings, clinical reports and case notes of the two case files. The study was guided by Feuerstein’s Mediated Learning Experience theory. Reciprocity and intent, meaning and transcendence which are essential mediational strategies were used in both case studies. The mediation strategies that were used in the assessments assisted with confirming a diagnosis and informed recommendations to the teachers and family for future intervention strategies. This study provides insight into how two learners responded when their learning and development was mediated or supported and how this informs their potential for learning.



Educational Psychology

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