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MTT cell viability, apoptosis detection and xCelligence real-time cell analysis

posted on 2023-02-13, 14:38 authored by Angela BonaAngela Bona, Pontsho Moela, Natasha October, Marius Balemaken Missi

This dataset includes MS Excel spreadsheets of cell viability data in HeLa, CaSki and Vero cells after treatments with plant compounds. This was before the final IC50 values were determined using the GraphPad prism software. Other excel files include quantitaive results from in silico bioactivity and molecular analysis using moleinspiration.

PLT files are for RTCA results of CAE21 and EGF25 co-treatments as well as RAR2 IC50 determination which are viewable in the xCelligence RTCA software. 

PNG files are images obtained from Kaluza analysis during apoptotis detection in HeLa cells after 24h individual and co-treatments with CAE21 and EGF25 as well as an untreated control.


National Research Foundation (NRF), Grant UID 113980

South African Medical Research Council (A1A979)



Biochemistry, Genetics and Microbiology