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Male adolescents' experiences and insights with regard to choral singing

posted on 2024-02-26, 08:55 authored by Jacques LindeJacques Linde

The dataset highlight the intrinsic and extrinsic motivations of young adolescent male singers who joined their high school choir from the onset and the reasons why they remain in this specific school choir. The study added to the limited literature on the value of choral singing in South Africa and provided new research specifically on the reasons why young men sing in choirs.

An intrinsic case study was the most efficient qualitative research design to incorporate into this study, which allowed the researcher to investigate the value of choral singing at a specific boys’ high school, namely Kearsney College. The identities used to reference the interviews are pseudonyms.

The datasets attached include:

  1. 15 pseudonym-based individual semi-structured interview schedules, including questions and answers
  2. 8 school-graded focus group interview schedules, including questions and answers
  3. 3 documents related to choir rehearsal observations
  4. 1 document related to a choir performance of the Kearsney College Choir




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