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Milk recording and fertility data for comparative performance analysis of dairy cattle on pasture herds

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posted on 2022-11-08, 15:10 authored by Simon Alderson-SmithSimon Alderson-Smith

These are datasets given on excel spreadsheet. The data was used in Statistical Analysis Software (SAS 2011) analysis for a Masters dissertation titled 'Comparative performance of  KiwiCross™, Holstein and Jersey dairy cattle on pasture herds in KwaZulu-Natal'.

Data was extracted from the South African national milk recording database Integrated Registration and Genetic Information System (INTERGIS) and from farm records that were collected during the biological impact assesment trial for the introduction of the KiwiCross™ sire breed into South Africa.

INTERGIS data consists of results from individual milk recording samples taken during the animal's first lactation in accordance with International Committee for Animal Recording (ICAR) rules to ensure representable lactation information. Farm data includes fertility data i.e. number of conceptions per pregnancy.



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