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Mobile money service for financial inclusivity

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posted on 2022-07-15, 07:51 authored by Rindai MuzanechitaRindai Muzanechita

The qualitative data in the datasets were collected via semi-structured interviews using a voice recorder. The researcher then transcribed the voice recordings and used thematic data analysis to group the data into various themes.  A semi-structured interview schedule was adopted. The purpose of these interviews was to obtain personal accounts of Zimbabwean informal workers' experiences and habits when it came to using financial services such as EcoCash.  The study utilized purposeful sampling and snowball sampling. The sample consisted of 8 females and 7 males of varying ages and was selected to create a gender balance. 

A thematic analysis was used to analyse the data. To add on an inductive approach in analysis was used for the study to generate codes and emerging themes within the study. The supplementary data underpin the study titled 'The sifgnificance of the EcoCash mobile money service in forstering finacial inclusion in th Zimbabwean informal sector'.



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