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Morphology and water retention capabilities of the kidney and gut of African mole-rat species

posted on 2023-11-23, 12:35 authored by Monique van DykMonique van Dyk

This dataset bring up the osmoregulating abilities of African mole-rat species, with a range of social structures that were studied by exploring the morphology of the kidney and the gastrointestinal tract. These are the main avenues of water loss in subterranean mammals. Morphological data was gathered through physical measurements using a vernier caliper and performing histological analysis. The medulla-cortex values were measured on microscope images radially across the kidney. The morphological differences were linked to urine concentrating ability and faecal dehydration respectively to explore patterns between water conservation and morphology. Three species of African mole rate accros their social range were provided with diets with decreasing water content and their urine and faeces were collected. The urine solute concentations were measured and faecal water content was determined through dehydration. These results were compared to determine if the species have shown morphological or physiological adaptations to their experienced aridity.


National Research Foundation (NRF)

DST-NRF SARCHI Chair of Mammal Behavioral Ecology and Physiology, No: 64796



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