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Nigerian law classrooms indigenous storytelling and resolution 275 intervention

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posted on 2023-02-15, 14:58 authored by David IkpoDavid Ikpo

Data for a study involving the designing of an indigenous storytelling intervention which centered the representation a female Nigerian queer character. This intervention, titled Khaki, was designed in three parts. Khaki was executed across three Nigerian law faculties in universities namely: University of Lagos, University of Ilorin and Niger Delta University. Before Khaki, a preliminary written survey was conducted among the research participants (Nigerian law students). After every third of Khaki, there was an hour long focus group discussion. After the third focus group on the third part of Khaki, a specially designed flier on Resolution 275 was used as guide to raise awareness on Resolution 275 using the characters featured in Khaki. After this awareness raising the written final survey was conducted. Following these exercises the data from each university was analysed differently, each under the broad headings of 'before Khaki' (preliminary survey), 'during Khaki' (focus group) and 'after Khaki' (final survey).



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