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Nitrogen removal experiments for phytoremediation tank

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posted on 2023-06-15, 12:39 authored by Kwanele SigcauKwanele Sigcau

This dataset contains the measured values obtained from a phetoremediation vessel (bench scale). The plant within the vessel Lemna minor L., has the capacity to take up nutrient ions as the plant grows and increases its biomass. The nitrate uptake (the nitrogen species selected to test the removal capability) is propotional to the amount of acid used to reduce the pH level in the vessel back to the desired setpoint at which the medium is controlled at.

Included in the dataset is the measured mass amounts of the plant, the measured pH in the vessel  and the measured nitrate concentration at a particular time. In Run 1 to Run 3, the vessel was operated in batches. The initial mat density varied: the vessel in Run 1 was very dense and Run 2 and Run 3 were inoculated below the full capacity of 200 grams per square metre (surface area). In Run 4 to Run 6, the vessel was operated continuosly beyond the full capacity of the vessel.



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