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Overview of support needs during pregnancy loss by midwives

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posted on 2023-04-19, 10:35 authored by Mosima MamaboloMosima Mamabolo

This is dataset for a study where a qualitative exploratory and descriptive design was used. The population were midwives who met the inclusion criteria in Tshwane district. Refer to Table attached.

1.1 Theme: Support of midwives who experienced pregnancy loss and are caring for women during childbirth- In this theme, there is detailed information about the support provided by others to the midwives who lost a pregnancy or pregnancy, from colleagues and the employer. The support is outlined according to the experiences of the midwives.

1.1.1 Categories:  In this sub-categories discussion is based on the comparison between support versus lack of support by the management and colleagues. This includes the support offered by the counsellor and EWP within the organisation. 

1.1.2 Sub-categories- In this sub-categories, the participants expressed what the support was like from the management. The management was not supportive to some participants.


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