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Perceptions of female youth on menstrual hygiene management

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posted on 2023-10-31, 14:25 authored by Kara SmithKara Smith

Data for a qualitative study which was conducted to explore and describe the perceptions of female youth regarding menstrual hygiene management (MHM) in the rural community. A qualitative approach and phenomenological design was implemented to ensure that the emic perspective of the participants was explored and probed in a naturalistic setting, enabling the researcher to gather thick descriptions and data. Non-probability purposive sampling was used, including five participants selected according to selection criteria. Face-to-face interviews were conducted and recorded with the permission of participants until data saturation was reached.  Data analysis were implemented and seven themes were generated and presented using a thematic analysis. The key findings and conclusions included that the microsystem is an influential system regarding the experience of menstruation; MHM knowledge is passed down within the family and accessed via friends and peers; taboos about menstruation in communities still exist; and there is a lack of social work intervention and involvement with regards to MHM in the community. 



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