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Poverty state in Nigeria

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posted on 2023-10-30, 13:35 authored by Chioma AmaechiChioma Amaechi, Adrino MazendaAdrino Mazenda, Stellah Nambalirwa Lubinga

This dataset focuses on the social protection policy responses to poverty in Nigeria. It provides comprehensive information on various aspects of living conditions, demographics, and socio-economic factors of 204 respondents from the Bwari, Kuje, and Gwagwalada Area Councils in Abuja, Nigeria. The data was collected and analysed using SPSS, and descriptive statistics were used to explore the variables of interest. The dataset has been extrapolated to Excel for easy accessibility.

The dataset includes descriptive results on several key aspects. It covers the education level of the respondents, the distribution of household heads among them, the types of dwellings they live in, the health conditions within their households, access to medical care, accommodation types, and waste distribution. The dataset also provides key variables of insights into the poverty levels and perceptions among the respondents. The "MPI" (Multidimensional Poverty Index) measures multidimensional poverty, while "povertylevel" indicates the poverty level of the respondents.

In addition to the key variables, the dataset includes additional rows that highlight different combinations of variables related to living conditions. These combinations include dwelling types, sources of tap water, sanitation facilities, lighting sources, access to radio, television, and telephone, as well as information regarding meal skipping, healthcare access, and employment status. The dataset also includes socio-demographic characteristics that were considered in the study. These characteristics include sex, age, education level, employment income, household head, type of dwelling, waste distribution, and source of energy. 



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