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Professionals discussing a music-centred sexual and reproductive health programme for adolescents in children's homes

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posted on 2022-12-13, 13:12 authored by Jennifer PottJennifer Pott, Andeline Dos SantosAndeline Dos Santos

The dataset is thematic analysis of a focus group of professionals discussing a music-centred sexual and reproductive health (SRH) programme for use with adolescents in children's homes. A scoping review of adolescent SRH programmes in South Africa was undertaken and a framework for a music-centred programme was developed. The scoping review and music-centred framework were presented to the focus group. The focus group consisted of two music therapists, a social worker/ play therapist and a drama therapy Master's student. The transcribed focus group discussion was analysed thematically. The table in this dataset shows the organisation of level-one codes into level-two codes which were then organised into categories. The categories were organised into main categories and finally developed into themes. There are instances where a single level-two code emerged as a category and where a single category emerged as a main category. It is worth noting that although the codes and categories are organised, the overlapping nature of the content could allow for various potential groupings of the data. Thus, the segments of data should be considered in relation to each other.



School of the Arts (Music Therapy)