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Proposed activities to be used by early childhood educators in the early childhood development (ECD) center classrooms when carrying out a milestone guide

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posted on 2023-07-20, 10:52 authored by Keren ChargeKeren Charge

Dataset for dissertation titled 'Developing a contextually relevant early childhood development milestone guide (3y0m - 5y11m) for early childhood educators in South Africa'. An expert panel suggested and refined activities appropriate for specfic developmental milestones during three phases of data collection.

Two main themes were identified, namely:  

a) Equipment available in the children, 

b) Early childhood educators’ immediate environments; and no equipment required. 

Thematic analysis in which readily available and/or no equipment were evident as themes when suggesting activities to be utilised by early childhood educators in their early childhood development (ECD) centre classrooms when carrying out a milestone guide



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