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Radar-derived supercell thunderstorm database over the Gauteng and Mpumalanga provinces of South Africa from the warm seasons of 2010/2011 until 2019/2020

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posted on 2023-09-05, 12:49 authored by Christina LieskerChristina Liesker

This database is linked to the dissertation: 'Characteristics of warm season supercell thunderstorms over the Gauteng and Mpumalanga Provinces of South Africa'.

The database contains the full track information for 115 left-moving and 6 right-moving supercell thunderstorms that were manually identified using the South African Weather Service's Irene and Ermelo Doppler radar, during the warm seasons (September to February) of 2010/2011 until 2019/2020. Events were classified using both reflectivity features (hook echo, Bounded Weak Echo Region (BWER) and/or Weak Echo Region) and/or Doppler velocity features (rotational couplet). Also provided are details on the criteria used to classify those events.

The README is provided in the first tab of the Excel file and provides more details on the variables included in the database.



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