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Research frameworks and survey results for digital disruption of South African shopping centers

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The dataset presents data in the form of tables and figures pertaining to the study: 'Strategies to counteract digital disruption across the hierarchy of South African Shopping Centres'. As the research methodology had a strong bearing on the project, the dataset start of by presenting the figures that summarizes the research plan and conceptual framework for the sequential exploratory mixed method used in the study. The remaining figures and tables present the frameworks of digital disruption formulated from the literature and qualitative phase interviews. These shows the interaction of challenges, impacts and counteractive strategies pertaining to digital disruption within retail property. Finally the quantitative phase results are presented in the form of various figures. The last figure presents the 5 themes of digital disruption across the hierarchy of South African shopping centres and how these rank per category of shopping centres. The ranking indicates the importance of each theme to each class of shopping centres and its interpretation shows that digital disruption varies across the hierarchy of shopping centres.



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