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Resource planning guidelines for a sustainable enterprise

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posted on 2022-12-22, 09:36 authored by Tahani ShimangeTahani Shimange

This is data collected using the survey research strategy in the form of closed-ended and open-ended questions through the following data generation technique: Questionnaires – The researcher placed the questionnaire within an email as an attachment to the participants (Oates, 2005).Data was collected via a questionnaire that had 5-point Likert scale questions as well as questions in an open-ended format. Responses were collected from respondents/participants in the following areas, categorized by participant’s role: management, support, and core business.The Likert scale questions from the questionnaire were transcribed to Microsoft Excel and then formatted and prepared for quantitative data analysis.Thematic Analysis was the methodology used for the qualitative data analysis in this study for the open-ended questions.  Atlas.ti was used to code this project. Tables and graphs are included in the dataset. 



UP Postgraduate Masters Reseach Bursary