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Sequencing variants on heartbeats cells

posted on 2023-04-21, 08:03 authored by Megan HawksleyMegan Hawksley, Chantal van Niekerk, Barbara van DeventerBarbara van Deventer

This dataset is for a quantitative study which include figures, graphs and tables to show unexplained death and the KCNQ1 gene potassium channel found in heart cells. 

There are figures describing previous literature and explains the concepts. The graphs show the results of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) curves that were used to optimise the primer sets and the results of high resolution melting (HRM) analysis of the PCR results, which was used to sort the dataset into potential variants for sequencing. 

The tables describe the conditions for the PCR reactions and the components that were used for the reactions, including a table on the concentration of the DNA samples extracted. Some tables also showed the full expent of what the research attempt to do to optimise reactions by detailing the results from the different annealing temperatures. Other tables descibes all the cases that were sequenced and variants that were found.  A separete table also has the details of the primers used for the PCR reactions.



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