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Sign language challenges encountered by deaf learners

posted on 2022-07-14, 08:08 authored by Sinenhlanhla DlaminiSinenhlanhla Dlamini

This data is about sign language challenges encountered by deaf learners born to hearing parents. The methodological approach used for this study is a qualitative method and a descriptive case study was used in conducting the research. A purposeful sampling strategy was suitable for this study in selecting participants, six deaf learners from Grade 6 in primary school with their hearing parents, as well as six teachers with more than two years of experience.

Data was collected through semi-structured interviews, observation as well as reviewing South African government deaf education policies. Inductive thematic analysis was adopted in analysing the data collected. Themes and sub-themes were discovered and discussed in data presentation and findings,in response to research questions of the study, in a form of tables, figures and graphical  representations.aswell as observation schedule was used to collect data. The data findings then asissted in responding to research questions of the study.